theJ.A.S.P.E.R. makes no representations whatsoever about other web sites which you may access through this one.  When you access another web site, please understand that these are independent from theJ.A.S.P.E.R., and that theJ.A.S.P.E.R. has no control over the content on these sites.  If you come across a dead link, let me know, so I can remove it.  Please enjoy my small gallery of Pionus Parrot and other bird links.

If you would like to link my site, please use the banner and URL listed below:

Adrienne and Ernie's Pionus Page  (English)  Read about two fun-loving Pis, Cricket and Ernie.  Pictures from the "Pi Fest" in California.  If you are curious about what a cranky Pionus looks like, check out the "Puffer Pi Mode" section.

 Les' Pionus Pages  (English)  Meet Les and Max, two handsome Maxi Pis.

Mary's Pionus Page  (English)  Visit Mary's flock of five Pionus Parrots, including a lovely female Maxi Pi named Millie.

Mickey the Maximillian Pionus  (English)  Mikey is quite a handful.  Read about his antics here.

My Flock (English)  See Perry, a cute Maxi Pi, and other pretty birds.

 Pionus Parrot Research Foundation (English)  An excellent site for Pionus species information, with images of happy Pis in the wild.  A good place to find links to other Pionus "slaves".

 Pionus Parrot's Website  (English)  Comprehensive website, with lots of Pionus Parrot information and pictures.  Meet a cool Maxi Pi named Felix there.

Six the Pionus  (English)  Meet Six, a pretty Maxi Pi, and her feathered friend Kiki.  Love the close-up oatmeal on beak pic.

 Winged Wisdom: Pet Bird Magazine, Ezine  (English)  Katherine Booth's interesting article, "The Perfect Pionus" (March 1999), which sheds some light on this South American species.

 World Parrot Trust  (English)  "The charity funding projects and promoting excellence in parrot conservation and welfare."  This organization provides relevant parrot information, and sells a variety of parrot-related merchandise.

The Alex Foundation (English)  Highly recommended.  Learn more about Dr. Irene Pepperberg's animal behavior research, and her special relationship with Alex - a African Grey Parrot that REALLY uses his brain.  Website features Alex-related merchandise, as well as cool pictures of Alex and his avian friends in the lab.

 Bird Talk  (English)  A great source for bird information and breeder contacts.  Also includes a calendar of bird events throughout the US!

Naoko's Site  (Japanese)  Incredibly detailed bird icons and cockatiel animations.  Meet Naoko's Tiel friends and read manga, too!

 For the Love of Nubs  (English)  Visit Kimberly's birdie website, featuring parakeets and one silly cockatiel named Beau.  She collects parakeet-related merchandise (figurines, jewlery, stamps, toys, etc.) and Japanese bird manga (comics).

 A little patch of clover  (English)  Visit Kimberly's Senegal Parrot website, featuring Clover - a mischievous little parrot.

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