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 Hiya!  My name is Kei.  I am a "solid red" Teddy cavy.  I love to run real fast.  My favorite food is carrot.

My care givers named me after the character Kei from "The Dirty Pair".

Here are The Lovely Angels.
"My name is Kei, nineteen years old.
 I'm 711 centimeter tall and weigh 54 kilogram.  My vital statistics are 91-55-91 centimeter.  I think it's ideal proportion.  My hair is red and slightly frizzled, and I've got it set in short wolf-cut.  I think this cut fits me.  My eyes are brown and so is my skin, yes, corn-colored.  I dare say, I'm a cute and just a little mannish beauty."

Fiery Kei.

Kei is one spunky piggie.


Ready for my close up?


Kei is just the cutest... but hides her true feisty nature.


Outdoor carpet with 4-inch bathroom molding makes a great, portable rec area.

We made a "house" to hold hay, from the center core of a carpet tube.
(It's thick pressed cardboard, with no wax or printing.)

Kei is... umm... well, ya know, busy.

Piggies like ferret tubes too!


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